Trying to Figure it out

I have been trying to research how to publish a book on my own. Needless to say, I actually started to write it but am realy trying to find some inspirations. Of course I always have y children but this I am doing for me. Trying to seperate myself from my mommy and wife role and just find something inside of me. So if you have any ideas or suggestions please fell free to post.


Inspirational Moment

During the week I’ve been trying to seperate my emotions. Trying to understand the moments and ponder on what makes them so special. I sat in the movie theather watching MJ dance across the stage in his black pants and shoes. His tone was so soft and he spoke everyone was going to be a star. Everyone was going to have there moment to shine.

Each song touched me and everytime I hear his music it makes me wanna cry.Not because of his death but instead his passion for perfection and wanting to heal te world.

But as I was leaving the theater with my family, people were holdig doors and saying thank you. So with that being said everyone love this moment and make it worth living.




While everyone is out with there friends and family this weekend please be safe. We all know the precations we were taught every year about candy saftey. But remember never eat any of the candy until you get home or to your destination so it can be checke. Never eat loose candy that you receive from people that you do not know.But most importantly have fun.

Its all most here

Seasons LeavesI was looking out the window today and just admired the different colors that the leaves have taken. And then it finally hit me. Christmas well be here before we know it. Of course we have to get through Halloween, the day dedicated to cavities, and the day that made the turkey famous. But no matter how we look at it, it’s a time for us to be with our families, and loved ones.


They always say when life gives you lemons make lemon pie, if it was that simple. I try to understand what the path that I am taking is going to lead me 2. Doyou know? well if you find out before I do let me know. LOL

Hello world!

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